Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Your Invited...

You are invited to my pitty party

Where: Here on my blog

When: tonight

Today was my first day with kids/students back at school and my second day back to work; with my kids in daycare and I am so tired, so sad and frustrated. I missed Allie and Jack all day and I feel so sad that I am not home with them any more. I feel guilty that when I get home I am tired and I only have a few short hours with my kids before they go to bed. Well, that is if they don't fall asleep on the couch once we get home; like Allie has the last two nights. I feel stressed out that I am not able to get everything done that I want to and that it feels that there is so much to do. I feel like I won't be able to get through the year and all of this makes me feel like a terrible teacher and MOM!

I just want to be home and I hate that there is nothing that I can do to make this happen. Well, that is all I really have to say tonight. Sorry for being a downer, I just needed to vent and get all of this off of my chest and hopefully this will help make me feel better. I hope it works, someone said that this is supposed to be cathartic to get it all out.


Lori said...

big hugs! just know it should get easier once things become routine

Tambo said...

I know there is nothing that I can say to make you feel better except that you are an amazing person an exceptional MOM a wonderful teacher and just someone that is spot on terrific. I know this sucks.. I know you want to curl up and not move.. Just think:

Being able to buy your kids new outfits,

actually receiving a paycheck more than 219.00 from the dept of labor

Having time in the afternoon to run errands kids free..

NOT BEING PIss POOR Like Melissa with .72 cents in her bank account



Charity said...

Hmmm...trying to think of some words of wisdom for you from a fellow working mom. I don't have the summers off to contrast though. One thing I find helpful is to dedicate the first 15-20 minutes after we get home each day to just talking and snuggling with the kids and kind of decompressing.

Then we settle into the remainder of the evening routine. The sheer amount of time is less of course but it doesn't have to be less meaningful. And of course the weekends are bliss.