Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Random Weekend Thoughts

1. I have been MIA lately; things have been SO busy!

2. Matt got a new job in Marietta, Georgia!!! As of yet we aren't moving, we are sticking it out in CT and he will be working from home and traveling to GA monthly.

3. Right now he is traveling there more than just monthly. This past week he was there for almost the whole week and then home for this long weekend. Then, back next week Tuesday through Friday and home for the weekend. Then, back Monday through Friday and then hopefully he won't be going back down for a while! I am definitely not cut out for this single mom thing! This last week was a LONG week and I am so glad to have him home for the long weekend!!!

4. I am already thinking about Christmas cards and I really want to get mine done before the beginning of November! I am usually the slacker who is rushing around in December trying to get mine together and then they go out late! Well, not this year, I am determined to have them done early and send them out right after Thanksgiving!!!

5. We have a busy weekend ahead of us! Tomorrow morning I have a shoot with a handsome little 9 month old and his great parents! Then, we are going with my parents to the Bethlehem Garlic Festival, which should be a lot of fun! Then, on Monday we are going to the Wee Faerie Village to see the Faerie houses! I have to say I think that I am just as excited about this as Allie is, LOL!

6. I heart Target! Seriously, can you really love a store? Well, I think you can! I don't think it is possible for me to get out of there spending less than $100. Last night I popped in with the kids to just get a throw blanket for an upcoming infant shoot and I ended up getting a throw, two shirts for me, a picture frame, 2 skull hats for Jack (they were only a buck each!), a bag of candy corn, and leg warmers for Allie for dance. So much for just getting that throw!

7. I am getting excited for Halloween; Allie is going to be Wedding Cinderella and Jack is going to be Thomas the Train. I am making Jack's costume this year and I am excited about it! I am going to be painting a box to look like Thomas and then Jack is going to wear the box and I am trying to find a conductors hat for him to wear. This will be the first costume that I have attempted to make for either of the kids, so cross your fingers for me!

8. Last weekend my friend Cheryl gave Jack her sons train table that he had outgrown and there are just two words for how Jack feels about it "Loves it!"

9. Seriously, he absolutely loves it! He wakes up in the morning and says my trains, he plays wit them before we leave for school and says good bye to them when we leave!

10. What are your kids being for Halloween?

Have a great weekend!!!