Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Preview

Here are just a few of our Halloween pictures from tonight. I will post more tomorrow, but I just wanted to share some of my favorites, hope you all had a great night!

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Good Night Allie

Matt made this video of Allie and I thought it was super cute, hope you like it *grin*!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Not Me Monday Part 6

Well it's Monday again can you believe it! And it's time for my not me's...

I did not cry this morning when Jack said no to nummies (this is what we call nursing at our house). This would just be silly, it's not about me being ready to wheen, it's him, right?

I did not imediately wish that he was not my last baby, no not me.

I did not have a laundry pile that had over taken my laundry room and certainly did not need to do 6 loads of laundry on Saturday to get caught up! No way, not me, I am way too organized for that; I do laundry every day and never get behind.

I did not blame all the cookies being gone on Daddy, when Allie asked if she could have one and there weren't any left. No way, not me!

I definately did not think twice before excepting a tutoring job for third grade because, third grade math scares me. Nope, not me!

So you know the drill, hop over to Mck Mama's and read everyone else's not me's and if you haven't done this you should definately give it a try... it feels so good.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Allie's Fall Concert

These videos are a bit late but they are super cute, not that I am biased or anything *grin*. SO I thought that I would share them anyway. In case you are not sure, Allie is the one all the way to the left in the brown dress with the pink shirt.

Hope you enjoyed the show! I know we did *grin*.

Monday, October 20, 2008

"Not Me!" Monday (part 5)

Well, it's that time of the week again... so here are the things that I didn't do this week. After you have read mine head over to Mck Mama's and share what you didn't do this week!

1. I totally did not put Jack down for a nap on Saturday after he had fallen asleep in the car on the way home from the Family Farm Day and lunch at the Pub, at 4pm! and then let him sleep and then change him into a night time diaper and jammies at 8:30 when he stirred and nurse him and then put him pack down to bed. No way that would be like playing Russian Roulette, he could have woken up at 4 in the morning! I would never risk that, not me!

2. I did not cry at school on Friday when our guest author Patricia Polacco read the story The Keeping quilt and shared the actual keeping quilt. I wouldn't do that, not at work and certainly not in front of my class.

3. I did not call my good friend Saturday night and complain to her that Tuffy our dog had eaten yet another toy and that I wanted to get rid of him... and I certainly did not do this with Allison cuddling next to me on the couch so that she piped up and said, "Mama, we could just throw Tuffy away and get a nice cat." Oh my goodness I did not do that and I didn't inspire my daughter to say that we should throw out the dog, not me!

4. I did not get some sort of satisfaction out of the Dodgers blowing their chance at the World Series, just because this means that Manny misses out this year! Not me!

5. I did not groan out loud when I took the lion costume out of the attic this weekend, just to find out that it doesn't even come close to fitting Jack. That would not be me.

6. I did not take my pictures for WWWAT on Wednesday on my way into work! Nope, not me.

So what did you not do this week? Head over and to Mck Mama's and share your "Not Me's!" If you are new, thanks for stopping by and I hope you all have a great week!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

WWWAT: "Capturing the Light"

American Mum is hosting Wordless Wednesday with a twist and I decided to join in. This is my first time participating and I had lots of fun "Capturing the Light" which was the theme. I focused on Autumnal light, hope you enjoy *grin*!

The first three pictures are from early morning...

The last 3 pictures are from the same pond but later in the late afternoon.

Hope you enjoyed my autumn light!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Fried Fish, Carousels and Kites

Oh, I thought that I had posted these already... oops! On Monday we went out to were my parents live and I met up with some girl friends and their kiddos. We met at Lenny and Joe's for lunch. Well as you can see from the picture below, we managed to get 5 kids to sit at one table and the adults at the other! Can you believe it? We couldn't. For the most part they did great and I don't think that they bothered anyone. After lunch we went on the carousel and they had a great time. Allie and Luke took Jack on the Lobster and they did great and Jack stayed put!

After several carousel rides and ice cream Meg and Luke headed home and Sue and the girls, Liz and Allie and Jack and I headed over to Hammonasset State Park, to Meigs Point to fly our kite. It was great kite flying weather, the kite popped right up and stayed up for about a half hour. Which was great because it gave the girls all a chance to fly the kite. Then all of a sudden the wind changed, I think the tide changed and the kite just about fell out of the sky and no matter what we did we just couldn't get it back up.

All in all this was a great day. It was so good to see Meg, Sue and Liz and all the kids. I just wish that we all lived closer!

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New England Fall Views

I love New England in the Fall! Here are some pictures that I took over the weekend. I have more coming I hope you enjoy them *grin*!

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Top Ten Favorite Things In My House

I originally saw this post idea on Tip Junkie and I had wanted to take part but I didn't have time to get the pictures that I needed for the post. Well I started this post on September 30th and it has taken me 14 days to get it posted!

10. When I Wake Print, that my mom gave me for my first mother's day after having Allie.

9. Our Kitchen, especially the new appliances. When we moved in the appliances were GROSS and not working well or not at all so we got all new ones. We also painted and added cabinet pulls to dress up the cabinets.

8. My Willow Tree Angel collection. I'm not much of a collector but I love these.

7. This child size rocker that was my Great Grandmother's.

6. Spanish Pottery, that my parents brought bake for us from their trip to Spain as an engagement present.

5. Our living room furniture, this is the first furniture set that we bought, other than the kids bedroom furniture.

4. Allie and Jack's bedrooms, they are probably the most finished rooms in our house.

(I still don't have pictures of the kids rooms, I will try to get them up tomorrow; but I wanted to get this post up finally)

3. The oil painting of Allie, that one of my parents from school painted for me. I just love this and it is hanging in our living room and I am hoping that she will paint one of Jack for me.

2.Our family photographs and scrapbooks. I especially love the pictures that we had done when I was pregnant with Jack.

And my number one favorite thing in my house is my Family!

So now that you know my top ten favorite things in my house, I would love to know yours too. So go ahead and post yours and then leave a comment. I would set up Mister Linky but I just couldn't figure it out. So instead leave a comment and if anyone can explain Mister Linky email me and I will try and get it up. My email is place4mommies(at)gmail(dot)com.

"Not Me!" Monday

Well, here are my not me's for the week. After your read mine be sure to head over to Mck Mama's site and check out what everyone else did not do this week.

I did not forget the directions to the pumpkin patch at work again this weekend. And it was definitely not the third weekend in a row that I did this. Nope not me.

I definitely did not ask Matt to put the dog in the crate in the car just so that we could have some quiet time as a family, without him whining at us. That definitely did not happen! (don't worry it was evening and it was not hot)

I did not fall asleep on the couch two nights this week. That couldn't have happened; I would have definitely gone to bed when I was tired, instead of staying on the couch.

Certainly I did not, not pay our cable bill on time and they definitely did not turn off our cable. I would never do that, I am much more responsible than that.

And I did not visit my friend who just had her baby at the hospital today and think about having another, no I would never do that! After all Matt and I have already decided we aren't having anymore.

(Isn't he too cute!)

Oh and I did not check Facebook and my voicemail too many times to mention to see if the above friend had had her baby yet *grin*! I would never do that.

Gosh, that feels good to get out... so now that you know what I didn't do this week go ahead over to Mck Mama's and tell what you didn't do this week; trust me it feels so good.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008