Saturday, August 23, 2008

My Classroom As of Friday

So this is what my classroom looks as of Friday afternoon when I left. I had to get a little creative this year and change some things to get 21 desks to fit! I think that I am going to pick up some cheap, yet cute fabric at Walmart this weekend to recover the bulletin boards. I know why would I re-do them? But, the thing is that I haven't re-done them in several years. I won't say how many because some of you will be horrified. I just hate to waste it and I use fadeless paper and it has held up really well so I just haven't bothered; but I do think it would brighten up the room a bit. I also need to get the bulletin board banners up and ready for the kids work. I still can't believe that the kids start on TUESDAY!! Where oh where has my summer gone!


Tambo said...

I love your room!! I remember the first time I saw you again after so many years both of us incredibly preggers with the girls, however I love this room. so much brighter than that other one where I sub'd for you.. LOL
Your very talented, creative and an amazing person.. This year too shall pass quick... everything happens for a reason..

Charity said...

Wow! I am totally impressed as this is such an adorable classroom and any little child would be thrilled to attend, seriously you are definitely talented in this area. I hope you enjoy this year of teaching and know that so many people really value your skill set.

What a cute and stimulating classroom! Brings back memories for me and I really hope my boys are so lucky to have these memories of their school years!

Lori said...

the room looks great! I too never changed my bulletin boards from year to year... why bother??