Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Lake Compounce...

One part rides + one part water park + 4 Kids under the age of 3= a great day and 2 tired mommas!

So call us crazy but Melissa and I thought it would be fun to take the kiddo's to Lake Compounce for the day and it WAS! I hadn't been there since I was in 6th grade and saw, dare I even say it, New Kids On the Block. Wow, glad that I got that one off my chest and please don't think less of me for seeing NKOTB in concert. I was after all only 11 and a tween and I think my playlist accounts for my having better taste in music now *hehehe*. Anyways we had such a great time, we started out with a few kiddie rides. I have to admitt that I wasn't sure how Allie was going to like some of the rides, this was her first time doing rides; well that is other than the carousel near Grammy and Papa's and the one at our nearby mall. So we started with the kiddie train and as you can see she loved it.

So we worked our way up to the flying Dumbo's and she loved those too... so I guess I really didn't have anything to worry about. Kids are funny, you never know how they are going to react to something and what they like and dislike changes so quickly.

Here are some other favorite pictures of Allie and Lily on the rides...

...just as long as these are the only motor cycles that they ride *grin*.

Then we headed over to the water park, that is what we were there for afterall, right? There was so much to do and something for everyone, even the boys got in on the action. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Learning to put their faces in the water. As you can tell from the second picture, this is something that Lily can already do *grin*
Some wave pool fun

Just look at that face... pleasure!

Melissa and her babes!
I think I was the only one who realized that we were having our picture taken. Poor little Jack, he just wanted to stay in his swing, he wasn't too happy with me.This pictue is one of my favorites of Jack and I for the day, thanks Melissa!

Poor little guy, he just wanted his Moma, cuddler.

We finished up our time at the water park with a lazy tube ride, I don't have any pictures of Allie and I on it. As soon as I get one I will add it to the post. This was the best; Allie and I did this just the two of us. It was the perfect way to end the water park.

Did you know that Lake Compounce

is the oldest amusement park in the US?

On our way out we decided to take the girls on a couple more rides, here are the picures...

More great summer memories :O)

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