Thursday, August 21, 2008

What is it? Answered

Sam's Mom, you were right it is a plastic bag dryer *grin*. Nice guessing!

But, I have found it also handy for drying bibs, wash cloths and plastic bags!
I picked this up in Vermont at the Manchester Woodworking shop. This shop was great they had unfinished wooden furniture, poplar wooden ornaments, etc. Most of what they sell they make right there on the premises and the prices were so reasonable! I saw a wooden doll highchair for Allie that was $32 dollars! and a wooden doll clothing rack/closet that was $25! I have my eyes on those for Allie for Christmas. I also have my eyes on a great hanging wall shelf with 4 cubbies and hanging pegs that was $52. I also go this super cute birch bark moose, that will be so cute for Christmas!

They also had a larger one that I think I will have my parents pick up when they are back in VT in October. I am thinking of using them in a Christmas vignette.

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A Look Into Our Lives said...

Oh, I could use one of those! Right now, all my clean bags are strewn all over the kitchen to dry. Your wooden dryer is so much more efficient!