Thursday, August 21, 2008

Back to School Update

So today was the first day that I went in to work on my classroom. As you know if you have been reading, I have been dreading this. My mom came to stay with the kids both today and tomorrow so that they don't have to go to daycare until next week and I headed out at 8:30 and was there by 9 am. I have to say that as I was pulling into the parking lot I had a pit in my stomach.

There are two things that I wish, first that I wasn't going back and the other is to have been able to go back part-time (switching to Kindergarten). Being part-time would make this all a bit easier. But that is not how it turned out and perhaps there is a reason for all of this; a reason that I do not yet understand.

I made good progress with my room today, I got all of my purchase order for the year put away, desks arranged (all 21 of them!), my reading library settled and put back out onto shelves, I also got all the labeling done and my welcome bulletin board in the hallway done. Tomorrow I will work on doing a little bit more settling and then I will working on "prettying" up the room!

There weren't too many people at school today, but a few asked if I was glad to be back and I was really honest and said "no". I know when people ask this they don't really expect you to be honest, but my heart just isn't into this. Don't worry, I will get it together before the kids get there on Tuesday; but for now I am just not into it.

Tomorrow I will take pictures of my classroom, for anyone who is interested in seeing it.

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Lori said...

That has got to be hard, but teaching is a very rewarding career and I'm sure once the class is there you'll settle right back into the routine of being a teacher.

hope today went well for you