Sunday, August 10, 2008

We're Buying A Chateau

Matt and I are going out on a limb and we are buying a Chateau... but it's not what you are thinking it's a Chateau Camper *grin*. We both love camping (tent camping) but we haven't been adventurous enough to go with one kiddo, never mind two. So needless to say we haven't gone camping in a few years and we both miss it. When we were still living in New Hampshire, a friend of mine had a pop-up camper and we had talked then about maybe getting one then, but we haven't talked about it much since. Well that was until a few weeks ago when Matt came home and said "Hey, do you want to buy a camper?" and the rest is history.

Well here is a look at our new Chateau...

I think this is going to be great next summer. I would love to be like Mck Mama and not own a t.v. but I just don't know if I could do it. Allie would adjust in a couple weeks, but this would be a great start. There will definitely be no t.v. for us at the chateau *hehe*. This will also be a great adventure for us, especially the kids and I because, we will be the ones to hopefully get the most use out of it. The campground we are thinking of is only 15 miles from home and 20 minutes door to door. This is something important to us, because we want to use it as much as possible and we want to be able to bag it and head home if things are not going well. I really like this campground because there sites are well spaced and you have some privacy, in other words you don't feel that you are on top of your neighbor. They also have a lake that you can canoe and kayak on, but unfortunately no swimming. But, they do have a pool, so that is good *grin* and they have WiFi so I will be able to blog away when the kiddos are napping.

So we don't take ownership of this lovely chateau until October, because Matt's friend Brandon (who we are buying it from) is in a seasonal campsite and he wants to ride out the season... can't say that I blame him. So in October we will bring it here and clean it up and get it ready for next spring!

So my question to you is, do you camp? Do you use a camper? How do you like it? Is there anything we should know?

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