Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Our Trip to Vermont: Part 2

When ever I go to Vermont it makes me miss living in New Hampshire, Matt and I lived there throughout college and then for 5 1/2 years after college. Well I miss it except for the winters, I'm not a huge winter fan. Anyways Sialia Farm is the name of Bonnie and Pete's farm. They used to have sheep farm and some chickens; Bonnie is an avid knitter and they would sheer their own sheep, then she would clean the wool, dye it, hand spin it into yarn and either sell it locally or use it to make custom sweaters, mainly for children. I have to say I have been lucky enough to have a small collection of her beautiful sweaters. The one below is the most recent, she gave it to Allie this weekend. I will take pictures of the others and post them in another post (they are in the kids rooms and I can't get to them now.)

The first sweater Bonnie made Allie, I accidentally washed and shrunk it so tiny it would fit her Bitty Baby. I was post-partum hormonal and I was so upset, my mom called Bonnie and when I got home from my stay at my parents there was a new one waiting for me *grin*.

Any way enough about sweaters. Now they now longer have sheep, it was more work than they could keep up with, so now all they have are the chickens. I swear there is a point in here, sometimes I tell a story like my Grandmother did. Right now they have baby chicks and they were so cute and Allie was so excited. She even got to hold them and there was one that she particularly liked and she got all caught up telling it a story, so cute. Jack was also quite interested in the chicks and was eager to touch them, with Grammy's help to be gentle.

Both Allie and Jack took right to Bonnie and Pete, not like either of them are very shy. Allie can do the whole shy thing when she meets someone new, but they both really warmed up to them. Allie wanted Bonnie to sit with her in the coop and anywhere else that we were and Jack really took to Pete. He would just giggle, smile and watch Pete.

The flowers that Allie is holding in her hand are from the yard, she was pretending that she was getting married. Of course Grammy sang her the song "Here Comes the Bride" and Allie sang it over and over.

Here are some more pictures of Bonnie's flower gardens and the kids and the chicks, enjoy! Isn't this picture of the mother hen with her chicks sitting on her back just the cutest thing.

I love hydrangea, they are one of my favorite flowers.This is the largest hydrangea that I have ever seen. You can't really see it, but there is or was a garden there too!

So, now that you know my favorite flower, I am curious, what is your favorite flower... so go ahead and leave a comment and let us all know.


Lori said...

those are such cute pictures... where in NH did you go to college? My brother went to St. Anselm and I looked into Notre Dame College (I'm originally from MA)

my favorite flower is the rose (preferably any color but red)

Charity said...

I love Sunflowers! Always have! They grown wild in a field by our house but the one time I thought to cut some and bring them in I realized too late that they were covered in little bugs. Will NOT be doing that again ;)

Very cute pictures. Your babes have such big beautiful eyes!

Jessica said...

Lori, both my husband and I went to Keene State. We lived in Stoddard (just north of Keene), after college.