Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Our Trip to Vermont: Part 1

This past Sunday and Monday my Mom, the kids and I headed up to Vermont to see an good friend of hers from nursing school. We had such a great time; we stayed at the Manchester View which was so nice. Below are some pictures of the gardens and our room. Which was by the way a wonderfully generous upgrade from the innkeepers. A couple of days before we left my mom called to make sure that she had asked for a porta-crib for Jack. When she did the innkeeper said that the room we had reserved would be to small and that he was upgrading us to a bigger room, for free, how generous! The Manchester View is a hotel that we have wanted to stay at for many years, it is just around the corner from Bonnie and Pete's house. But until I had my own children there was never a real reason for us to stay anywhere other than Bonnie and Pete's. But let just say that things would be just a little chaotic with my two small children and they probably wouldn't have wanted us to come back.
This was our room, nice, huh! And there was plenty of room for the four of us and that is a deck in the back of the picture *grin* If you have ever stayed in a hotel with young children then you know how hard it is to get them to sleep and not have to go to bed yourself at 7:30 when you put them to bed. The deck was perfect, it gave Mom and I a place to go when the kids went to bed other than to bed ourselves!
The pictures below are pictures of the gardens; they were in full bloom and so beautiful!

More to come about our trip at little later.
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