Wednesday, July 9, 2008

She's Three

Our little girl turned 3 today! I find it hard to believe that our little Allie Ballie is 3 years old, I know that it is cliche to say this but it seems like just yesterday that she was born. These three years have gone by SO fast. With everyday that passes she is less and less of a baby and more and more of a little girl.

For her birthday we really try to make it a special day and let her choose what she wants to do for the day.

Allie's Day
8:45 am- Allie's day began. It is summer schedule, so I pretty much let her sleep in and wake up when she is ready.

9:15 am- Morning Bath with Jack. Allie and Jack absolutely love taking baths together. Like everyother morning Allie chose what she wanted to wear and she chose her "pretty flower dress" as she calls it

9:40 am- Playtime in her bedroom with Jack, they play so well together it is great! Allie is such a great big sister, most of the time she is very patient with him and lets him play with all (well most of) her toys.
10:10 am- Breakfast, Allie is not always much of a breakfast person, so all she wanted was craisins and cheerios. I even offered pancakes and she still just wanted the usual.

10:30 am- More playtime with Jack, boy oh boy did they make a mess of her room (sorry no pics.)

11:00 am- Headed out to the grocery store. Sometimes even on your very own special day you still need to do things like grocery shopping.

12:45 pm- Home from the grocery store. Usually a trip to the grocery store doesn't take so long, but when we got there I saw that they make the same princess castle that we had ordered from Stew Leonards yesterday and it was $10 cheeper, so we ordered it and I am going to cancel the other one.

1:00 pm- Lunch, nothing special yogurt and rice cake snacks

1:30 pm- A little bit of T.V. Maggie and the Feroucious Beast, we really try to limit the amount of tv she watches and I hardly ever have it on mid day, but it was so hot here today that I figured it would be okay

2:00 pm- Naptime, Allie is a SUPER napper; she napped until 5:00 pm
5:00 pm- This is where the fun begins, I told Allie that we were going to meet Daddy for a birthday surprise. Little did she know that we were heading to the mall to meet him. We had origional planned on taking her to a local college summer baseball league game, however the weather wasn't cooperating (we have had terrible heat and humidity the lasst few days and today we were supposed to get thunder showers to "break" the weather.)
6:30 pm- We met up with Daddy and ther first thing that we did was get Allie her first manicure and she loved it so much and she was great for the man who painted her nails.

On our way to dinner, she got a ride on one of those rides that they have at the mall.

Then we had dinner, we gave her the choice of where she wanted to eat, Ruby Tuesdays, Pizzaria Uno, or the food court and she wanted the food court,I think it was because she wanted to people watch :) Allie had a cheese quesadilla, rice, tortilla chips and apple sauce (YUM!)

After dinner we headed over to Build-A-Bear, our plan was to get her an outfit for one of her animals and then we were going to get her the V-teck camera and give it to her at her party. Well that idea went out the window, right after we got into Build-A-Bear she spotted the puppy on skates and this is what she wanted. She had seen this the last time we were there for a birthday party. So we decided to let her make the decision, she could either get an outfit and the camera or she could get the puppy and some accesories for it. Well you probably can guess what she chose. Bellow are the pictures from build a bear.

Then, on our way out she got a ride on the carousel with Daddy.

When we got home Allie wanted me to make a bed for her new puppy Bella. So this is the little bed that we made for here in Allies's suitcase. But in the end the puppy ended up sleeping with her.


Anonymous said...

LOVE the fingernails!!

I found you through the blog-vine...from 4 Little Men. Looks like we have stuff in common...hop on over to my place if you want. Good day to do it, too...I'm having giveaways from my favorite natural baby store!!

Take care!!!

Lindsey and Adam said...

Hey there! Thanks for checking out my blog! Your kids are so adorable!!! :D

And thank you so much for the advice on the cloth diapers...I only have one FuzziBunz right now and I cleaned everything in our house to be able to wash it so now I have to wait for some more laundry to do to use it again!! But I'm pretty sure we'll be making the can you not?

I mean, it's good for the environment, it saves money and they're just so darn cute and they feel so good, too! How many diapers do you have?

Lindsey :)