Saturday, July 26, 2008

Fields of Sunflowers

What an amazing day we had today, the kids and I are visiting at my parents house for a couple of days and today My mom and I took the kids to Buttonwood Farms to see the sunflowers. I had heard about them last year but we never made it out there, mostly because I was pregnant with Jack, it was hot and I just couldn't see myself going; and then once they passed I forgot about them. That was until someone mentioned them to me a week ago.

So we headed out the the eastern side of the state; which for all of you that don't know Connecticut is VERY rural, not much there except for farms, a couple old mill towns and 2 HUGE "Indian" casinos. So we made our way there and when we arrived this is what we were greeted by, it was amazing! I have never seen so many sunflowers in one place, it was a sea of gold.
We couldn't have picked a better day to go and do this, the humidity that has been plaguing us for over a week finally cleared out last night and it was beautiful today; the skies were haze free and there was even a breeze.

Before we came I did a little research about Buttonwood Farms on their website and it has quite a neat history. What I thought was the most interesting is that the Button family started this dairy farm in 1975 and they have built all the structures on the farm using timber from the farm which they milled in their own saw mill. I really liked the fact that they have self sustaining (even the shingles are wooden!)
When we first got there Allie spotted the Hayrides and that is the first thing she wanted to do, but we convinced her to go and check out the sunflowers and take some pictures first. Here are some of my favorites.

After we took some pictures we headed over to the tractors for a ride only to find out that the rides don't start until 3pm (it was 1 ish), so we decided to head out and go get some lunch and then come back and go for a hayride and get some Farm Fresh ice cream and but some sunflower bunches (they profit The Make A Wish Foundation). Well this was an adventure because there was nothing around. We ended up going somewhere between 15 and 20 miles before we found a gas station, did I mention my gas light was on and then a place for lunch. So we ate and headed back.

Allie was so exited to go on the hayride and I put Jack an the mei tai carrier, we got our tickets and got ready for our ride.

Jack and I on the hayride

Allie and Grammy cuddling

The four of us on the hayride

If you hadn't noticed, I loved photographing this old barn (and all old barns in general.)

Such silly innocence, I love my sweet girl!

Here are a couple more of my favorites from the day. I have to go to the little man who has woken up (it is 1:45 am! Yikes)

And a little purple cow ice cream to end a great day!


Tambo said...

I cannot get over how awesome the pics are and how cool your blog looks.. GO US!!

Julie said...

What a beautiful place! Great photos, too. I also have a penchant for old barns. :)