Sunday, July 6, 2008

10 things I LOVE about summer

I saw this over at Mama's Nest and I thought I would give it a try.

1. Going to the beach... I absolutely love going to the beach in the summer, the breeze and the sand are great!

2. I love going for ice cream at the local Carvel... we usually do this once a week, the soft serve is just perfect on a summer night and Allie loves it (Jack is still too young.)

3. Bare Feet... I love walking around without shoes and when I HAVE to wear shoes it's flip flops for sure. I let the kids run around outside without shoes on too. It's so good for your soul ;-)

4. The Farmers Market... I love going downtown to the green and getting fresh fruits and veggies. Plus I like to support local farmers.

5. Hearing the kids playing outside... whether it's them playing in the kiddie pool, the swing set or with a friend, there is just nothing like playing outside.

6. Going on walks... I love taking the kids out in the stroller and just going for a walk around our local park. Plus it is great exercise pushing them around (about 75 lbs. Including the stroller!)

7. Wide open windows... I love the feel of the breeze coming through the windows and listening to all the night noises when I am falling asleep.

8. Sitting on the deck... I love sitting out on our deck at night with Matt, with the Tiki Torches lit and just enjoying time together, it is so peaceful and quiet.

9. Water... I love to spend time in the water, either in a pool, at “the lake” or at the shore. I just love the water and I want to pass this on to Allie and Jack.

10. Grilling... I love when it's summer and we can use the grill again, plus that means I get more help with dinner, because Matt is my grilling man *grin*

So there you have it! 10 WONDERFUL things about summer... now let's hear yours. What's on your summer's top 10?? Play along here!

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