Friday, July 4, 2008

Allie's First Boat Ride

Allie's highest aspiration this last year has been to get her little self onto a boat, and I don't think she has really cared who's boat! But she has finally gotten her wish. Two weekends ago we went to New Jersey for a cousin's reunion and my cousin Heather and her husband David took us out on a boat ride.

She was so excited that the whole car ride over to the big lake from Heather and David's house all she could talk about was that she was getting to go on a BOAT! Once we got there she could hardly wait for the guys to get the boat ready.

She loved when we went cruising and then when we started tubing she was a little unsure of the whole thing. We were in the bow of the boat when we started the tubing rides and we were popping up off the bench, but once we moved to the stern of the boat she enjoyed the fast rides much more. When we got back to the docks she wanted to go back out for more.

On top of a great boat ride, we also had a great weekend catching up and visiting with family. If was so nice to she everyone.

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