Friday, July 4, 2008

July 4th: Picnics, Parades & Pools

We had such a great day today, our celebrations actually started last night when we went to a family friends house for a picnic and then to the fireworks. Allie had such a great time playing with all the kids. She exspecially loved playing with the older girls, Megan and Kayla. It's funny how she seems to enjoy playing with the girls who are so much older.

I think she likes that they "teach" her how to do things, they are more like babysitters than playmates. Jack had a great time being social and checking out all the new people and enjoying all the attention of being the only baby there. Once it was dark we walked down to Pam's friends who live at the beach and watched the fireworks from the seawall. There is nothing like watching fireworks over the water and it just brings back all sorts of childhood memories for me of being at the beach all day and watching the fireworks at night in the field or at the beach at the Surf Club. By the time we left Pam and Mikes house it was almost 11:30 by the time we got back to Grammy and Papa's and all children were soundly sleeping

in the car, thank goodness everyone transfered into their beds and Jack slept through the night! These pictures are actually from this morning. Jack woke up around 6:30 ish and my parents took him into their bed so that I could get a little extra sleep. That was so nice, I hardly ever get to sleep in now that we have two kids.

For breakfast Grammy made us blueberry pancakes, what a treat!

Breakfast was yummy and filled with "firsts"; Jack had his first blueberry pancakes and he LOVED them. Allie drank out of a big girl cup (one that doesn't have a lid) for th first time and she did a great job, no spills.

After breakfast we headed to Madison for the parade (which is the largest and oldest in the state), we got our times a little mixed up and ended up not being able to get across route one before they closed it, so we ended up walking in and missed part of the parade, mainly all the marching bands. We did get to see the shriners mini cars, which are a favorite of ours!

Once we made it down to Pam and Mike's, Allie and Jack had a great time both watching the parade and playing. Here are some of my favorites, enjoy!

After the parade we went back to Grammy and Papa's house and went swimming; Allie and Jack loved the pool here are a couple of quick fun videos.

Happy 4th of July!

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