Saturday, March 28, 2009

Random Weekend Thoughts

1. My new computer came yesterday! Yeah, no more desperatey trying to get the old one to charge.

2. I miss my old computer! The new one is really nice don't get me wrong, in some ways it is nicer than the old one, but I miss the old one.

3. I am excited to have a bunch of friends over today with their kids!

4. I hope that God's plan for baby Stellan is what we have all been praying for! I can't even imagine what that poor family has been going through this past week.

5. I am watching the kids play in the tub! So cute! Kind of makes me sad that someday realatively soon they won't want to take baths together.

6. We are thinking about getting Allie (and Jack) a bunny. Last night we went to Tractor Supply, to see if they had any (they usually do this time of year) and they didn't have anyleft. So now we are back to thinking about it and trying to find someone selling some...

7. I can't wait for the weather to really change over to spring, the kids and I played outside a couple of days after school this week and it was so NICE!

8. Over vacation I think I am going to take the plunge and paint our hallway bathroom. All three of our bathrooms need to be painted, the woman that we bought the house from painted all three bathrooms with the same AWFUL moss green sponge painting! I can't stand it, makes me feel like there is moss growing on the walls. Well, the hall bathroom is the largest so I think I will start there, hopefully it will be the easiest to paint!

9. Sunny Saturdays are the best! So glad that the rain is staying away!

10. Please continue to pray for baby Stellan and his family!


Lori said...

hope you have fun with your company. can't wait to see how the painting comes out

just jamie said...

Baby Stellan's life and family is so amazing. Praying over here...