Sunday, March 1, 2009

Random Weekend Thoughts

1. What a great time we had at the Maritime Aquarium yesterday. Both Allie and Jack loved the penguins and it was so nice to spend the day together as a family!

2. I know I have said this before, but I really have spring fever and knowing that we have another MAJOR winter storm coming really isn't helping. We are expected to get around 16 INCHES. Yup, you read that right 16 inches, 1 foot and 4 inches!!! I seriously can't take it *grin*!

3. 3 1/2 year olds still need naps... We had such a busy weekend and Allie was SO GOOD yesterday at the aquarium. I mean seriously good, she hardly missed a beat and I don't think we had to talk to her the whole time we were there. Well, today was a different story, she was on the verge of falling apart most of the day!

4. When your 3 1/2 year old needs a nap, do yourself a favor and scrap YOUR plans and stay home so that they can nap. You will thank yourself for it. This is what we SHOULD have done, but we didn't... and we payed for it.

5. The DC Jack on my laptop has come loose and now I need to decide what I am going to do about it. It cost $250 to fix it, which really doesn't make too much sense for me, since the computer only cost around $300, when we bought it last year. I really don't want to invest in a new computer right now, I was hoping to get a new lens and camera body before I needed to replace my laptop! What to do, what to do?

6. Facebook is so addicting... need I say more!

7. I really need to change the background and header on my blog! Need to find something that I really like!

8. Stop and Shop (which is a grocery store, for those of you that don't live in the northeast) now has these scanning guns, kind of like the ones that you use to make a registry at Babies R' Us or Target. Anyhow, I tried one today when I went grocery shopping, and I thought that it really helped, keep my bill in check because as you shop it gives you a total so you know how much you have spent. The other thing that I liked was that you are bagging your groceries as you put them in your cart, so you don't have to take them all out at the register, which saves time.

9. Plus I am starting to get coupons and how they work. Well, at least a little bit and this afternoon I asked at the service desk if they except competitors coupons and they did, they even took a $10 off coupon from Big Y! I was really surprised and really glad.

10. Not sure how I feel about the snow day that we will most likely have tomorrow. I really would rather not have another snow day, because this means that we will now not end on a Friday, but on a Monday! YUCK!!! But, having a three day weekend is kind of nice...


Lori said...

that shopping thing at Stop & Shop sounds way cool and totally makes sense!

Hope you get a warm up here soon. Don't you hate it when winter lasts forever, I remember those days/weeks/months!

Kelly said...

Facebook is VERY addicting!! Have a good week!