Saturday, March 7, 2009

Random Weekend Thoughts

WARNING!!! There is a lot of whining in this post, read on at your own risk!

1. My weekend has gone down the drain... I went to the dentist this morning for a tooth that I have had sensitivity in for a while now and at my last cleaning I mentioned it again to the dentist and she had me start using a prescription tooth paste and said to give it a couple weeks. So, I did and it is more sensitive than ever and over the past week it has been hurting when I don't expose it to triggers. So long story short, I went in and she tested it and she thinks at the least that I need to have the old filling removed and a new one put in. However, more likely, she thinks that I may need a root canal! OUCH!!! Double ouch it is going to cost a LOT!

2. There goes the money that I have been saving to by my new lens for my camera and get my computer fixed!

3. I am so frustrated at the lack of interest in my photography! It really makes me sad, I have posted fliers in a few places as well as putting some stuff up on Facebook. I don't get it! It is so frustrating, I really want to be doing more, scratch that, some photography.

4. My new dentist appointment isn't till Monday, because they couldn't do a possible root canal on a Saturday! This is gonna be a long, hurting weekend!

5. That means I need to make sub plans, JOY!

6. On a lighter note, the weather here was GORGEOUS this weekend, I mean really, it was 65! and we are supposed to have more of the same tomorrow!

7. I'm not looking forward to the time change, both how it will affect me and how Allie and Jack will sleep!

8. Jack starts his speech therapy on Wednesday! I am so excited! I can't wait for him to start to be more verbal! Even if it is just making more sounds, which is what they are going to start working on first.

9. I can't wait for spring to be here for good! I just heard that we are getting snow in the next few days! Yuck!

10. My tooth and jaw hurt hurt!


Lori said...

ouch! hope your tooth doesn't give you too much trouble before you get it fixed on Monday.

as for the photography... I say run some specials and get people interested word of mouth is the best thing for a new business

hope the speech therapy goes well for your little guy

Melissa said...

If there is anything that I can do I know being in pain with your tooth cannot be feeling so good.
YOU are an amazing photographer, and if you don't think for one moment I am not frustrated either, this I believe is what happens when starting out.. Patience is tough.. but do not for one second doubt yourself, you have it and it will come remember the weather is just getting better and people are getting tax returns back.. *grin*
I feel that way everyday!!

Hot Belly Mama said...

FYI - I am giving away a free bumgenius 3.0 diaper to celebrate my birthday! Check out my blog for details!

Love... Hot Belly Mama

sam's mom said...

I had never even had a cavity before and had to have a root canal last year. It didn't hurt at all! No joke. It did cost about $700 out of pocket though! Hope your tooth feels better soon!

As for the photography, you are so talented, it honwstly is that people don't have a lot of extra cash! Speaking for myself, I have none! Can't wait to talk with you about the fund raiser for Liz, maybe that'll help with publicity.

Charity said...

I agree that nice pictures are mostly considered luxury items and it most likely the crappy economy, not anything on your end. Bummer.

If it makes you feel any better, I got a really bad sunburn and am home slathering on topical steroids and cleaning a disgustingly filthy house. We can whine together!

Hope your tooth gets better fast.