Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Not So Wordless Wednesday

Warning!!! This picture is not for the faint of heart or stomach!

My poor little guy got his finger crunched today! My good friend Melissa was up at the house today to help me out and watch the kids for me so that I could go to a Dr's appointment and before I left I was up in the attic getting her so maternity clothes and long story short Jack got his finger stuck in the fold down attic stairs! Need I say more! There was a ton of blood because it was his finger and all I could think to do was put pressure on it and get him to the doctors! I have to say I didn't even really look at it I just did and went. Thank goodness he didn't need stitches and his finger wasn't broken! Mummy however did need to lie down and drink some juice once I knew he was okay! I felt so dumb, Jack was the one who got hurt and I was the one lying down and drinking juice!

Moral to the story keep babies away from folding attic stairs!


Lori said...

OUCH! poor little guy. I hope it heals quickly for him

Rachel said...

Oh golly... that looks SO painful! I hope he is much better now.

I'm with ya... I would have been the one drinking juice!

Sugar Mommy said...

Ouchy Honey!
Hope he is doing better!