Sunday, May 10, 2009

Random Weekend Thoughts

1. Why do weekends go by SO fast?!
2. When you don't do laundry ALL week long it makes for a LOT of laundry to do on the weekend!
3. By a lot of laundry I mean, 10 loads and 2 more loads of diapers!!!
4. The nice weather today was great! It felt so good to be outside and soak up the sunshine!
5. Mother's Day was great! Jack slept past 6 am! YAY! The kids gave me their gifts that they made me at school, so cute and Matt got me a book on Rob Pattinson... still not sure what I think of that. Don't get me wrong, very sweet of him; it's just that it kindof makes me feel like I am in high school *grin*! Then Matt and Allie went to visit his mom and Jack napped here, which meant some quiet time for me. Then the family came and Matt cooked dinner. Thanks hon!
6. There are 29 more days left of school, not that I am counting or anything!
7. I am so excited about an infant shoot that I have coming up!
8. I dyed my hair red this past week and I LOVE it!

My friend Melissa took this picture of me this week, when we went to a photography gathering. Thanks Melis

9. I wish that money grew on trees like I thought it did when I was a kid.

10. Allie went home with my parents to spend the night with them, so I need to get off the computer and spend some time with my hubby.


Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

your hair looks great... sounds like you had a great mothers day

Kelly said...

I CAN"T wait till school is out!! Happy Mom's day!