Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Missing in Blogland

Lately, I have been so overwhelmed that even trying to sit down and write a blog post has been too much! I think it all started back up when I went back to work after Christmas break, the last time that I felt like this was back in the fall when I went back to work from the summer off. I feel like I need a month of Sundays off to get everything done and caught up. Maybe it's because I have too much on my plate right now; being a wife, mother, teacher, housekeeper and upstart photographer. I just feel like there really isn't anything that I can cut back on and I have never been good at letting things go. I always need things to be just so and when they aren't it makes me crazy and I feel crappy.

I obviously can't cut back on being a wife or mother (nor do I want to) and I have cut back on the housekeeping a little lately and that only adds to the crappy feeling. I still have Christmas up, YIKES and it's not up because I can't part with looking at it. Yesterday I did leave school right after the buses and headed home to de-decorate and got a good amount done, now all I have left is the tree and that is such a project to get everything off, back into the right little ornament boxes and then packed back up and into the attic! But it will be done by the end of the week, I have promised myself!

I don't feel like I can cut back on my photography because I am new at it and I want to take every opportunity that comes my way and I am loving every minute of getting my new photography business going and I love meeting new people and their families. I just need more time than I have to get it all up and going. I really want to start advertising; like on Craigs List and in local businesses and coffee shops but I feel like all that is on hold until I get my website finished, which has been going slower than I had hoped.

The other thing that I hate about feeling like this is my head feels like it is spinning and I can't remember the simplest things! For instance, last Friday when I was taking the kids to my parents house to stay the weekend, because I was going to New Hampshire for a baby shower and a maternity shoot, I managed to forget: my boots, Jack's boots, my gloves, the small wooden alphabet blocks and Gerber Daisies that I wanted to use in the maternity shoot! What is wrong with me... wait don't answer that! And I forgot all that even with, making a list of what I needed to bring; can you imagine what I would have forgotten if I hadn't had a list!

Well, in a nutshell that's what's going on with me. I just can't wait until this weekend to get a ton of things squared away and back to "normal", what's that? Oh and it is a long weekend too! YIPPEE!!!


Lori said...

isn't it hard when life gets in the way of life? things will settle down just when you think you can't handle it anymore... that's the way it always seems to work out

All these B's and Me! said...

I've been feeling that way too.. Just not enough time in the day for anything it seems. Hopefully this will pass for the both of us.

Charity said...

yay for long weekends! I completely know how you feel, since I have only very recently been staying at home. The funny thing is, I can't honestly say that it's any less stressful not working! Keep up the good fight!