Sunday, January 4, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Well, it's Monday again and I am back to my "Not me's!" took last week off but I am back at it again! Hope your ready, because here we go...

I did not write my "Not me's!" on Sunday night so that I could schedule it to post at midnight and not tomorrow at work!

I did not tell Allie that I wouldn't read her a bedtime story tonight because she had watched an extra show, while I was putting Jack to bed. Nope, not me!

I did not wait until the last weekend of my vacation to be the most productive! Not me! I used my time off so well and got so much accomplished!

I did not tell Matt that I wanted to get RID of our dog, because he had chewed up another one of the kids toys, on top of the pocket of my new coat! No way, not me! I am way more mature than that! Oh and if I had said this, it wouldn't matter because he said no.

I did not decide to leave up our Christmas decorations for "just" one more week and then this morning realize that I have a baby shower out of town next weekend, so now we have Christmas for two more weeks. Not me, that would be tacky, right?

I did not have baby A from my photo shoot on Friday pee, TWICE, while I had him in the net, without a diaper. And if this had happened I would have definitely gotten at least some great pictures for all the effort and pee!

During, after and since the photo shoot with baby A I have not dreamt about having another baby...

This weekend I did not for a second think about buying a new 50mm F1.8 lens for my camera. Not me!

I did not look at my school calendar this morning to try and figure out when my next day off is. Nope, not me.

Oh, I could go on, but then you wouldn't be able to go over to Mck Mama's and read all about what everyone didn't do. So what are you waiting for head over there and check them out or maybe even give it a try yourself!


Jessie said...

I did not have a baby pee through the netting a couple weeks ago either! Funny!

blueviolet said...

So when do you have another day off?

All these B's and Me! said...

Oh, that baby fever will get you each and everytime!

Lori said...

cute pics... and I always looked at the calendar right after breaks to see when we got a day off again!

Rachel said...

Thank you for keeping our family in your thoughts. I think we are thankfully through the worst of it! Though I have major insomnia this week... when it all dries out I'm sure I'll sleep for a couple of days! :) Thanks again!

Enjoyed your blog!