Monday, January 19, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Ahhh, it's Monday again and time for MckMama's blog carnival called "Not Me!" Monday and some good old free therapy It is amazing what a good weekend off can do for your mood and well admitting all the things that you did not do feels great to!

I did not almost by a $300 lens this weekend, because I was growing impatient of saving my pennies. Nope not me I am not that impatient!

I did not tell Matt that I wish I had a different job, because I find it so hard to teach all day and then come home and still have "good stuff" left.

I did not forget to mail my Christmas cards and find them sitting on the shelf, downstairs in our entry way!

I did not book a photo shoot next Saturday on my hubbies birthday! Oh am I going to owe him big for that, well I would if I had done that!

We did not take the kids to the mall to play in the "free" play area! I would never do that, oh but if I had the kids would have had a great time!

I have not blown two of my new years resolutions already.

That feels so good to let go of things. Give it a try and head over to MckMama's, or at least read all the things that everyone else didn't do!


Lori said...

hey free play areas on a cold day makes total sense to me!

All these B's and Me! said...

Great list!! :o)

Wayne said...

Dont feel to bad about the christmas card thing because I forgot too, Great not me monday