Monday, January 26, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Ahhh, it's Monday again and time for MckMama's blog carnival called "Not Me!" Monday and some good old free therapy.

I did not give in to my desires and buy a cool *Shey* [B] camera strap. No I would never do that, but if I had, I would be so excited waiting for it to come and checking the mail like a little kid; but like I said, I didn't do that.

I did not schedule a photo shoot on my husbands birthday and then spend 4 hours at said photo shoot. Nope not me!

If I did have a photo shoot on his birthday I would have at least asked first to be sure he didn't mind, but I did not do that!

I have not mentioned so many times in front of Allie that I want an iphone, that she now tells people that she is going to buy me one, nope not me, I am not that obsessed with a phone!

I did not post pictures over on Sialia and then worry all day today about whether or not the parents were going to like them.

Well, that's it for me, make sure you check out what everyone else didn't do this week, over at MckMama's


Lori said...

you should have put the photo shoot off as... as a gift to you I'm giving you time alone with your adoring children... lol

Rachel said...

I had to laugh... I caved in and bought myself a camera strap too!

Consider it motivation, right? :)

Thanks for the chuckles!