Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Sorry I haven't written much lately, things have just been super crazy.

*To start Matt left on a business trip early Sunday morning, and I came down with Jack's cold (which you knew if you read my twitterings on my side bar *grin*).

*This weekend I decided to try going no-poo (no shampoo), I know, I know, sounds gross; but I have a really itchy scalp and I was reading this blog and it sounded like it might be something good to try. Well, to make a long story short I tried it out and went water only and on alternating days I used baking soda and vinegar. Well this lasted a whole three days! I had school pictures this week and I wanted to be able to wear my hair down and I just couldn't because it was just too greasy, surprise, surprise! So I think I am going to look for some good non toxic "adult" shampoo, and try that instead. If you know of any good ones, feel free to leave me a comment.

*I have been getting both kids up, dressed and out of the house in the morning by 6:30. This is a big switch, because since school has started back up I have been taking Jack to "school" and Matt has been taking Allie.

*Oh, and I almost forgot, I dropped our dog off to my parents on Saturday! They are watching him while Matt has been away... it has been like a vacation for me. But, I am going to owe them BIG. Tuffy isn't the easiest dog, hence I needed help with him while Matt was gone!

*Open House is tomorrow at school and I had a classroom observation today, from my principal. Open House is always so much work to get ready for and well with an observation to plan as well, I have been busy.

*Matt is coming home tonight, YEAH!

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sam's mom said...

Jess, shampoos that don't contain sodium laurel or laureth sulfates should work great. You can get them at trader joe's or health food stores.