Monday, September 29, 2008

"Not Me!" Monday

  • I did not buy frosting last week just to have in the back of the fridge as a secret little snacky treat, no way I wouldn't do that!
  • I did not get excited last week at all the new visitors to my blog, that would just be silly.
  • I most certainly did not pretend to be still asleep on Sunday morning so that Matt would get the kids as they woke up and I could get a little bit more sleep. I would never do this I just love waking up early when the kids do.
  • I did not feed Jack soy yogurt with baby cereal mixed in for dinner on Saturday and Sunday because he was being so picky that he wouldn't eat anything else. I would never give in and do that, especially two nights in a row!
  • We definitely did not just go for a car ride late Sunday afternoon because both of the kids were whinny and we were tired of being stuck in the house from all the rain.
  • I definitely did not shamelessly hint to my husband that I wanted flowers delivered to me at work for my birthday. I would never do that, especially since he sweetly gets me flowers for no reason at all.
  • And I definitely did not come up with my list while driving home from work tonight. I would never multi-task like that while driving.

What did you not do this week? Take my word for it this feels so good and it is definitely cheaper than therapy *grin*

Oh, and I am defiantely not on the phone with my good friend as I am finishing typing my "not me's"... that would just be a terrible friend... oh and I did not just get bagged for it!


Lori said...

oh how I hate being stuck in the house with kids! I'm so glad I don't have to live though the cold winters.

Ordinary Mom said...

I did not get excited either when I saw I had a new visitor to my blog!! Great post!

A Look Into Our Lives said...

frosting in the fridge and pretending to sleep? Um ya, me too :)


Allmykids123 said...

Oh, do I love frosting! Saw you on MckMama and wanted to stop in and say Hello!

Tambo said...

I SO SO BUsted you.. LOL
Good Post.. Mine doesn't compare!! LOL

Hall Family in MD said...

I love the icing one! Thanks for visiting my blog =)