Saturday, August 1, 2009

Random Weekend Thoughts

1. What a crazy week, that summer cold I got kicked my butt!

2. I had such a great time last Saturday at little Miss Addy's birthday! It is really different to be at a birthday party as a photographer, but defenintly fun! I met a bunch of great new people and Allie and Jack had fun (I don't usually take them with me!)

3. I can't believe that it is August 1st! Summer is going by SO fast!

4. On Tuesday my mom and I took Allie in to the city which was so much fun! I am working on a post with some pictures!

5. We're having Jack's birthday party tomorrow, on his birthday! It's going to be low key, just family.

6. I am getting some momma time for the second Saturday in a row! Getting my hair colored and highlighted. I just love having someone play with my hair, so relaxing!

7. I am thinking about driving 2+ hours to take the kids to the sunflowers like we did last year!

8. Indigo Girls is playing on the radio at the hair salon, what a blast from the past! I used to listen to them ALL the time. Think I might add them to my iPod *grin*!

9. I am wondering do you read my tweets, or am I talking to myself *grin*?

10. Have a great weekend!

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Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

great random thoughts... happy birthday to your little guy!