Saturday, July 25, 2009

Random Weekend Thoughts

1. Mama time is super important. I am taking some right now, getting a pedicure and a chair message! Ahh...

2. I hate waking up with a head cold, especially in the summer!

3. I love summer and being a SAHM! I really hope that we can make this work on a permanent basis!

4. We finally got our camper registered and up to the house, so tomorrow it is cleaning time. I am hoping we can take our maiden voyage in the next couple of weeks.

5. I am shooting (which is an awful term) a 1 yr olds birthday party this afternoon! Should be lots of fun!

6. Fake lotion tans don't hold up too well when you get a pedicure! LOL, oh well!

7. My mom and I are taking the kids into New York City this week, to take Allie to the American Girls Store! Should be lots of fun! Just trying to decide if we should take Jack or not.

8. I really need to make more time to go to the beach, we have been so busy doing other stuff that we haven't gone that much.

9. I can't believe that Jack will be two a week from tomorrow! Where does the time go?!

10. I need to go and enjoy the rest of this pedicure. Have a great weekend!

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Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

glad you are getting some quiet mommy time!