Saturday, June 6, 2009

Random Weekend Thoughts

1. The weather this past week was rainy and gloomy, but todays weather MORE than made up for it. It was BEAUTIFUL! Matt, the kids and I went to the New Milford Teddy Bear Festival and roamed around and soaked up some vitamin D. We couldn't have asked for better weather!

2 Last weekend I took Allie and Jack to the "Castle Playground" and we had a great time! It's amazing how different a (almost) 4 year old is from a 3 year old, when we were at the park yesterday Allie made friends with this other little girl all on her own. No prompting from me to get it started. They played together for almost 2 hrs.

3. Speaking of the almost 4 year old Allie, we bought her a BOOSTER seat today!!! I can't believe it! She was so excited, she gets her maiden voyage in it tomorrow when they go Grammy's.

4. I finally bought a new lens... I decided on the 50mm f/1.8D My friend Melissa has one and I borrow it more often than I should, so I decided to get it!

5. I have also decided to start saving for a Nikon D300 camera body! I would love to buy now and pay later, but I am going to be responsible and save up for it. Matt and I talked and I am hoping that I will have enough money for it before our trip to Maine this summer... we'll see.

6. There are only 10 and a half more days of school left! Whoot, Whoot!!!

7. I have SO much to do, to be ready for the end of the school year! Sometimes it gives me ajida(sp?)

8. Only 5 weeks until we leave for Maine for a week!!! I am so excited! We used to go here every summer growing up and I haven't been since I was 17! It is gonna be so cool to take the kids!

9. This is a picture I took tonight of Jack, with my new lens and it is SOOC (straight out of camera)

10. Have a great weekend!


Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

enjoy your last few days of school! I bet you are loving watching your kiddos grow up and become more independent

Rachel said...

great shot! that is the same lens I'm saving up for! :)

Alicia W. said...

TOTALLY drooling over your new lens! NICE.