Saturday, June 27, 2009

Random Weekend Thoughts

1. We had Allie's 4th birthday party today, a little early because of our trip to Maine that we "thought" we were going on.

2. We lucked out and got GREAT weather!!! Normally this wouldn't be something to be so excited about but lately the weather around here has been miserable!

3. The kids all had such a good time; they played in the kiddie pool and with the sprinkler ball. You couldn't get me to put my big toe in the water it was so cold *grin*!

4. I can't believe that Allie will be 4 in 12 days! WOW!!! Where does the time go!

5. I am definitely getting back into my stay at home mom groove! LOVE IT!!!

6.I got Jack's hair cut on Wednesday and told the lady (who was old enough to be his grandma) that I wanted his hair cut like a mohawk, and she really didn't want to do it! "No, no mohawk, he just a babe" So we got what she was willing to do...

7. I got my haircut this week too, and I went shorter! I'll tell ya, short hair is addictive... I cut it shorter this time for summer and I LOVE it! I will try to get a picture (I like) and post it.

8. I have a photo shoot tomorrow afternoon with baby "C" who's mom's maternity pictures I did back in May, I am so excited!

9. Today I finally upgraded my camera and got a Nikon D300!!! YEAH, have been saving every bit that I have been making and every bit of gift money that I have gotten and today I was finally able to go get it! It is charging right now but I can't wait to play with it tomorrow morning and use it on my shoot in the afternoon!

10. I can't believe that it is almost July!!! In a week it will be July 4th! Have a great week!


Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

sounds like things are going well... love his hair cut

Charity said...

Soooo cute! Love his hairdo. And can't wait to see yours. I am seriously considering chopping mine off.

Alicia W. said...