Sunday, November 30, 2008

Jessica is...

Finally showered, not bad only 3:20 pm!
Avoiding going through all the Christmas boxes that I brought down out of the attic this morning!
Wishing that the weekend wasn't almost over.
Planning out a menu for the week.
Making a grocery list for Matt to take to the store.
Pondering whether to go real or fake for our Christmas tree this year...
I guess we will probably stick with our "artificial" tree until the lights go on it.

So what have you been doing this weekend? Do you have a real or fake Christmas tree? Have you decorated yet for Christmas?


The White Family said...

I debated all weekend about going in the cold garage and getting out all the boxes to decorate the inside of the house. It didn't happen! I did in fact make a gingerbread house with my little girl and decorated her mini x-mas tree for her room. We get a real tree each year and will go pick it up next weekend so it will still be alive by x-mas. You should post pics of your decorations once you put them up. I love to see how people decorate for the holidays. Hope your having a great Sunday!

Lori said...

we went to a football game on Sat., and today we did BJ shopping and I started putting out the Christmas decorations. we have a fake tree and it's not up yet. we are planning on getting a real one to put out front at the front door this year