Sunday, November 9, 2008

I Am Obsessed

Okay so I will admit it I am obsessed, I was at my parents house this weekend for my birthday dinner and my mom and I were talking about the kids and Christmas and what they each want (did you notice I said want, because they don't really need much.) So we were going threw her catalogs, looking for things for Allie, she is very into fairies and she has said that she wants some for Chirstmas, so I have been on the look out. Up until being at my moms all I had been able to find were the Disney Fairies. Well, I found so much more, you just have to check out these fairies and these. I love the Everything Fairy Collection, but wow, $229 and only one season included and each of the other 3 seasons for $129 I just don't think so. So I asked Matt if he thought he could make the Fairy Forrest Home and he said he would try. I will keep you posted and let you know how it turns out.

So I kept poking around and THIS is what I am obsessed with they are Waldorf dolls, made by a woman in British Columbia. They are beautiful and she does custome orders and would love to get one for Allie, a fairy of course! Well, we will have to see, maybe Santa will bring one *grin*! It doesn't look good though, she says that she is full, full, full for Christmas and January is almost full!

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