Sunday, November 29, 2009

Random Weekend Thoughts

1. Matt's in GA again this week, so I am flying solo this week with the kids! Here's to praying that the week goes by quickly!

2. I am photographing my second birth of '09 and she is due next Sunday. With Matt being gone this week I am REALLY hoping that she doesn't go early! I know that is not very nice because every pregnant woman wants to go a little early, but it will just make things really complicated with the kids! So here's to hoping that she makes it to next Sunday!

3. I am planning on taking out a box of Christmas a night this week and try and get some decorating done before the weekend.

4. We have a dilemma, fake or real? Trees that is, in the past Matt and I have always put up an artificial Christmas tree, although last year, I was feeling like our kids were missing the experience of going and getting a real tree. So we had decided that this year we would leave the decision to the kids. So what do you think they chose? A real tree of course! The only problem is that we don't have lights, because our tree is a pre-lite tree. So now we need to get a tree and lights $$$.

5. We are trying to decide when to move Jack out of this crib and into a bed? We are also trying to decide whether or not to do a toddler bed? Decisions, decisions...

6. The kids and I are at my parents house today. Boy oh boy do I wish that we lived closer. We are about an hour and a half away! I don't feel like we need to live in the same town but even 45 minutes would be better! I am SO not looking forward to driving back an hour and a half tonight *sigh*!

7. I found the neatest wall decal calendar at TJ Maxx today with my mom. When I get it hung up I will share a picture! It is really neat!

8. We finally had Jack evaluated by an ENT doctor and have made the decission t have his tongue clipped, because he is tongue tied. We will hopefully have it done over Christmas break, if I can ever talk with the scheduler, we have been playing phone tag!

9. I braved the Black Friday crowds on Friday morning and hit the mall, bright and early (5:30 am) and managed to get some great deals! actually have Jacks shopping done and only need to put in an order to American Girl for Allie and then I will be done with both kids!!! I have also finished Matt and I am just about done with my parents *BIG* surprise for them!!!

10. Have a great week!


Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

hope your week goes quickly and you and kids enjoy decking the halls. I say get a small real tree to put on a table and put up the fake tree as your main tree ... compromise! hope you can get Jack's appt with the ENT.(Blake's speech has grown in leaps and bounds since his was clipped)

Brett Rodgers said...

Finding a good ent doctor can be hard and I hope that your family will be safe and you will have many blessings.