Sunday, November 22, 2009

Random Weekend Thoughts

1. WOW!!! It has been way too long since I have posted something, anything. Sorry, things have been SO busy!!!

2. My photography has taken off lately. I have had at least one shoot a weekend and more often there have been two! Not complaining, at ALL, I LOVE it!!! If you are interested in what I have been doing head over here and check out some of my latest shoots.

3. I have also been busy making holiday cards both for clients and anyone who might be interested in them. I have gotten my first order in and they look GORGEOUS!!! I am so happy and proud to be offering these. If you are interested go here and check them out. If you're interested in them contact me at If you aren't local and can't set up a shoot but are interested in the cards, email me and you can email me your .jpeg and I will load them in and you can order them too *grin*!

4. Like so many other people I have been waiting on pins and needles waiting for the premier of The Twilight Saga: New Moon *grin*! I was so excited I even contemplated going to the midnight premier on Thursday night at midnight, but I decided that wouldn't be so good since I had to work on Friday. However, Friday night I went with my friend Megan and we had such a good time! I just love me a sparkling vampire... be could totally bite me, LOL!!! It was great, I really like that they stayed truer to the book, there were somethings that didn't make the movie, but that's to be expected since most movies aren't 5 hours long! Although it was 2+ hours of a great movie. I have to say that I will probably go back and see it again this week with some friends from work. Now only 219 days to go till Eclipse!!! LOL!

5. I need to order my own Christmas cards!

6.I have been staying up WAY too late lately! I find that the evening is the only time that I have to get things done and it has become way too common for me to be up until midnight (and I have to be up no later than 5:30 am!)

7. Last weekend we took Allie and Jack to go see Thomas the Train! What a great day! They had so much fun and so did we! We even go to go on a Thomas train ride, which they BOTH thought was pretty cool!

8. Speaking of going to bed, it is 11:25 and I need to head to bed!

9. If you are reading this and haven't given up on reading, thanks for stopping by!!!

10. Have a great week!

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Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

glad to hear things are going pretty smoothly. don't wear yourself down too much with the late nights