Sunday, April 26, 2009

Random Weekend Thoughts

1. Can't believe it is Sunday already... why do the weekends go so fast?

2. We made annual trek to Daffodil Hill yesterday with the kiddos and got lots of great pictures and then my memory card started glitching and it appears that I have lost more than half of my pictures!

3. Luckily we can go back next weekend and it didn't happen today at my maternity shoot!

4.This weather that we are having is CRAZY! Yesterday it was 92 degrees and today it is supposed to be the same!

5. Luckily for the woman who's maternity pictures I am doing she lives down by the shore and it isn't supposed to get quite as warm and I am meeting her early.

6. I LOVE sleeping with the windows open!

8. I can't believe that it is only 7:30 in the morning and the current temp is already 60 and that is what our temps usually are mid day this time of year.

9. I will be posting some of our pictures from Daffodil Hill later today when I get home.

10. Off to shoot baby bumps and little girls, what a great day!


Alicia said...

I live in SC and the weather with the heat index has been in the 90's as well. Yesterday we actually broke out the mini pool and sprinklers. Sorry to hear about your memory card. NO FUN!

Enjoy your Sunday!!

Lori said...

sorry your memory card is on the fritz! It's crazy to me that your temps are higher than ours... we are in the high 80s