Friday, April 18, 2008

First Day At The Beach: April 18th

Today was our first trip to the beach for 2008; who would have thought that we should have brought a swimsuit for Allie.

Allie didn't skip a beat, she walked right into the COLD water!

Jack enjoyed taking in the sights and watching his big sister.

Allie loved walking through the mud and running in the water. She found her footprints in the mud very cool.

Our happy baby boy.

What an great afternoon at the beach, here's to many more to come!
Here are two video clips from our day.


Laura said...

Hi! I like your blog! My daughter will be 3 next month and she takes gymnastics, too. Well, actually, we're doing "Mommie & Me" gymnastics on Monday evenings.

Tambo said...

I LOVE the pics.. I am so jealous..I love the beach. I hope you guys had a good weekend. Call me later. xox