Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Day At The Park

Today was one of those BEAUTIFUL spring days, the kids and I headed to the park. Allie loves going to the park, we pass by it almost everyday and she always asks if we can go to the park. All winter long the answer was "Sorry Allie it's too cold, we can go when it gets warmer." So, you can imagine how excited she was to go today.

It was so strange, in so many ways it feels like it was just a few days ago that we were last there. But it has been at least 6 months! Jack loved it; he just loves to watch kids play, especially Allie. He was such a good boy and sat in the stroller for just about the whole time that we were there.

Allie had a great time running around and climbing the playscape and sliding down the slides. After we had been there for a bit, Allies friend Callie from school came with her mom and Allie was so excited! They had a great time following each other around and going down the "big kid" slides.

What would a day at the park be if you didn't go for a ride on the swings? Up until now Allie has only gone on the "baby" swings, but today we tried the band swing and she did a great job and she loved it!

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